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BishopShep, May 17, 10 1:43 AM.
We are so close to raiding I can taste it! So in order to get there we need more people. Add a macro to youre action bar and just throw it up in general every new zone and hopefully we will be doing OS by next weekend.
Have fun

NEW VENT!!!!!!!

Ashezkorgath, May 17, 10 12:21 AM.
i found a ventrilo server thats public that we can go on, theres not many people on so it should last us until someone buys us our own! to download the ventrilo client

Port: 4219

after you press connect and get on the vent scroll to the bottom of the vent and double click where it says World of Warcraft
    +chat 1

we will only use chat 2 for raiding purposes. again this is only a temp vent so jump on and chit chat with people like me and syn, cuz dks whoop pallys ass all day!

Home page news.

Ashezkorgath, May 16, 10 6:56 PM.
On the left you can add a shout so that anytime we go to the home page you can be heard! also to the left click on the websites on the side for some information on them, the links have to be copy pasted into your address bar to work! On the right we have the gallery widget, to add a photo click on the upload button in the top left corner of the widget. to take a photo in game press the print screen button on your keyboard and to take off the user interface (ie spells and nameplates) press alt+z. click on the stories tab at the top of the homepage to add to my story or create your own for people to read and put their own info into :) have fun and be sure to recruit others level 70+ and get other guildies to go on our website.
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